Choterina Freer

Unbreathed Air
Video (2017)
11 minutes
Exhibited: The future was at her fingertips: Digital Ambivalence, Cyborging, and Technofeminism (with 0s+1s Collective), Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden, 2018.
The Legacy Complex (with 0s+1s Collective), La Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC), Havana, Cuba, 2017.
The Legacy Complex (with 0s+1s Collective), Gotland Art Museum, Visby, Sweden, 2017.
Mozarts Ghost: Internet Art, Feminism and Resistance (with 0s+1s Collective), Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden, 2018-19.
Project: The Legacy Complex.

Slideshow of stills from video:

Unbreathed Air, Installation view, Gotland Art Museum, 2017.

Taking an abandoned military bunker as a point of departure, I examine the domestic home as a space that is simultaneously personal and political, manifesting the extremes of material inequality. In this work, I chart the vision of Cold War design in a mock-up house filled with actors from a 1950s Ideal Home show and views this against the violent reality of contemporary capitalism. I've contrasted the ‘iceberg’ super-mansions with the damp and over-crowded inner-city flats, questioning the power of architecture and space to influence the individual’s ability to breathe, both literally and metaphorically. Within these dual remits, the bunker is considered as a territory that varies both temporally and spatially, a subterranean place that seems to offer both refuge and isolation.

Unbreathed Air was made as part of a project called The Legacy Complex. During the research and production project I worked with 0s+1s Collective to undertake artistic research and create works. Parts of this video were made using the shared footage, that we filmed as a collective and stored in an accessible server for use in several of the videos we made.

With thanks to:
La Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC)
Gotland Art Museum
The Nordic Art Association (NKF)
Baltic Art Center (BAC)
The Bergman Estates Fårö
Film på Gotland
Choterina Freer