Choterina Freer

The future was at her fingertips: Digital ambivalence, cyborging and technofeminism, Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden. 2018
0s+1s Collective

Exhibition Catalogue: The future was at her fingertips
Installation: Video works, websites, audio, texts,
drawings, books, purple island, purple pillows,
Dimension: 10x10 metres installation.

Founded in 2013, 0s+1s Collective started their research on what iterations cyberfeminsim could take in the 21st Century. Through our research inspired by the cyberfeminist and video art boom in the 1990s we developed a project (called The Legacy Complex) which critically examined (from a feminist perspective) how audiovisual technology was developed for military use, and repurposed within a mainly patriarchal film culture.

The project was developed through several working periods in residencies in Gotland and Stockholm. To make the video works for the project, the artists used shared footage they had filmed collectively, creating four individual works and two collaborative works. These works were shown in exhibitions in Visby, Havana, Gothenburg and Södertälje.

For the exhibition at Södertälje Konsthall, we built an immersive environment with resting areas for the viewers; exhibiting several video works from The Legacy Complex, as well as new works made for the exhibition at Södertälje. Reference materials for the project were available, which included texts such as Zeros + Ones by Sadie Plant, The Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway and information on bunker architecture.

Video documentation:

Slideshow of images of exhibition:
Choterina Freer