Choterina Freer

Impatient Voices
HD video (2016)
12 minutes
Exhibited: The future was at her fingertips: Digital Ambivalence, Cyborging, and Technofeminism (with 0s+1s Collective), Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden, 2018.
Mozarts Ghost: Internet Art, Feminism and Resistance (with 0s+1s Collective), Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden, 2018.
Video Show, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, U.K., 2017.
London Feminist Film Festival, Rio Cinema, London, U.K., 2016.

Slideshow of stills from video:

Impatient Voices, installation view, Mozart's Ghost, Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden, 2018.

Impatient Voices critically considers the commercialisation of both the collective impulse (as seen in social media) and of biomedical technology (health tracker apps) through using their forms and imagery with archival documentation of women’s health collectives from the 70s. The work is made up of 2D and 3D animation, digital compositing, hand drawn images, infographics, and reconstructions of photographs of 70s healthcare collectives. The audio is composed of archival footage from It's All Right to be a Woman Theatre (a 70s feminist theatre collective from New York) and healthcare activists from the same era, alongside more contemporary found sound.
Choterina Freer