Choterina Freer

Another Refreshing Little Lift
HD video and installation
Video duration: One minute, eight seconds (looped)

Slideshow of stills from video:

Installation view of Another Refreshing Little Lift, Fine Art MFA show, Goldsmiths, 2012:

The featured bird was selected during a dérive of the internet; in a search for the new digital social realism. The original footage charts it’s flight back to the wild after it was looked after by someone as it’s wing healed.

The bullfinch, while idealised as a garden-dwelling suburban bird, has here the matted, unkempt look of urban pigeons and rats. The weird nature of the animal, placed in a domestic interior, forms part of the disjuncture between nature and culture.

The video explores the ways in which the staging of nature in advertising seamlessly drags artifice into absurdity. The artifice becomes potent as the bird ascends into a ludicrous orgy of hyper-colour and fakery.
Choterina Freer